Monday, December 06, 2004

Something incredible! My remorse for Sparks’ death bothers me still. However, our sacrifices may have just uncovered something breakthrough.

What I failed to mention during the run was that while Sparks was causing that diversion with the audio capture during the conference, I was doing a bit of infiltration myself. I hacked into Symbioptics’ advanced research database and uncovered something...disturbing.

Publishing my findings here would be foolish of me. The Datasphere is simply too insecure. I must find a way to convey my discovery.

Before it’s too late no less...

Thursday, December 02, 2004

I’m going to have to be more cautious using the university’s Datasphere connection. I read a post by a fellow Ghostpilot saying that they’ve dispatched a Symbioptics headhunter to track me down and bring me in, thus solidifying my presumptions. I am running out of time.

What’s surprising about all this is that Symbioptics haven’t notified authorities about the hack. Why go through all the trouble of sending an assassin to bring me in?

Monday, November 29, 2004

This has been my first full week here at this university. Quite a change, I’d say, from the incessant buzz of New York. This place has a strange sense of calm and silence. I would say that it is comforting in a sense, but I know that in that silence, she’s waiting for me.

A week ago today, Sparks, my Ghospilot apprentice, did a hacking run on the Symbioptics network in Washington D.C. I stayed in New York to provide groundline support. It was a big run. Only experienced Ghostpilots would ever perform a hack like that, but it was a quick in and out: gather a voice only conference and then jack out before the remote operated countermeasures kick in and melt the child’s mind. Sparks was experienced enough; I thought he could handle it. But I underestimated the ROC. It came on much sooner than I had expected.

Suffice to say I panicked. I grabbed the hard copy and fled out of the apartment. Stayed at Ozzy’s apartment for a bit. When I went back to check on the apartment, I noticed shards of wood broken off near the knob. My worst fears had come to be. Someone had traced the hardline, probably when they found Sparks sitting braindead in that flat in DC. The poor child. When I entered the apartment, I went to check my deck but it was obviously confiscated. Checked the security cam recordings hidden in my bookshelf.

Blonde. Beautiful. But with that sword stuck to her side, I think she’s in this thing more for business than pleasure. Symbioptics had obviously hired someone to hunt me down and get back what I had stolen from them.

And so I fled. Pennsylvania. Waiting and planning.